Graphic Design

Great graphic design will help you stand out.

Graphic design mixes passionate art and thoughtful business. Competition for attention is more fierce now than it has ever been. Due to the rapid growth of web, print, and other forms of communication, everybody is clamoring for your attention. We combine creativity with years of graphic design experience to help you stand out from the crowd.

Graphic Design Process

Every graphic designer has a specific process they go through and ThirdSide is no different. Our process is a very simple one. Before we ever set pencil to paper, the first step is to understand your primary goal. We ask questions such as:

What message do you want to convey?
Who is your target audience?
Most importantly…What story do you want to tell?

If you feel your image could use a clean start, we can help.

ThirdSide’s roots are in graphic design.

ThirdSide was started in 2011. Our primary goal has always been to provide great graphic design services at a budget that is within the reach of small and medium-sized businesses. Over the years we have created dozens of brand images, logos, brochures, books, publications, and websites. If your brand is already established, we will carry your look into everything we create for you. That way your brand will maintain the same level of professionalism that you do.

Logo Design and Identity

Many people can sketch a picture, but only a professional graphic designer can create a cohesive brand identity. A logo is the foundation of that identity. It takes a team of experienced artists and business professionals to understand how a logo can impact your business. A great logo can say more about your business than pages of text, but a hasty design can drive people away.

Whether you’re an established organization looking for a facelift or a brand new company that still needs a name, we can help make sure your brand stands out in print and on the web.

Print Design

Our graphic design and print design services will help you to target your audience better and maximize your return. We have extensive experience creating memorable posters, flyers, banners, and signs that will help your company project a highly professional image. Business cards and stationery fit this category too. We can even design packaging for your products or decals and wraps for your vehicles.

Display and Environmental Design

Whether your business presents at trade shows or you sell from a trailer, we can create a display that demands attention. From store signs to menus to point of purchase materials, there isn’t a whole lot that’s out of our reach. We work closely with some of the best printers and signmakers in the area to ensure your design has a high level of physical quality to match its visual quality.

Do you have a unique idea? Let us know! We can help you bring it to life.

Newsletter and Book Design

We have designed, edited, and laid out books and newsletters for a variety of clients. Our work has been seen in Chicago Public Schools, small private workshops, and in churches and other organizations throughout the state. We will prepare print-ready versions of your materials and even help you select proper paper stock. We have relationships with local printers and printing presses to ensure the quality of your physical product is as good as the design itself.