Website Management

Website Management

Do I need website management?

Website management is critical because web software changes constantly. In fact, a moderately active website requires an average of two to three software updates every month. The way people access the internet changes constantly as well. Ongoing support, regular website maintenance, and regular backups are all necessities for a modern website. Unfortunately, many people have a new site built but don’t keep it tuned up. Years ago, before the Internet was the robust communication network it is today, it was fine to build a site and leave it. But with web technology changing daily, not keeping up to date with these changes can actually be dangerous for your business.

Our Website Management Plan keeps your site operating at its best.

We know your website is a valuable asset for your business. We provide everything you need to keep your site clean, fast, and well organized. This not only makes your site attractive to visitors, but it helps ensure your site can be found and listed by search engines.

Our Website Management Plan keeps your site secure.

You’ve probably visited a website that’s been hacked. A hacked website can be devastating for a business because of potential lost revenue and damage to their reputation. We will keep your site backed up and locked up. In the rare instance your site is hacked, we can get it restored within minutes.

Do you just need occasional updates to your website content?

We can handle content updates for most websites. Whether you need somebody to edit pictures and text or just need somebody to update the store hours on your site, we can help.

Website Management Basics

We will host your site on our secure servers, providing unlimited storage for small and medium sites and unlimited bandwidth usage.

Software Updates
Regular updates of your site’s core software and plugins. We will also perform diagnosis and necessary debugging of any issues.

Google Analytics
We will connect your site to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to provide on-demand traffic and performance monitoring.

Website Security

128-bit SSL Certificate
If your site is hosted on our server, we will include a 128-bit SSL certificate. This ensures your site’s visitors will have a secure connection to your site utilizing the same technology used by financial and medical institutions.

Hacking Defense 1
We will take preventive measures to keep your site protected from hackers. Should a hack or hack attempt render your site unusable, we will restore your site to its most recent usable state.

Blog Comment Management
If your site contains a blog, we will manage blog comments and, if necessary, remove and block spam comments.

24/7 Watch

Uptime Monitoring
We will provide uptime monitoring so if there’s a service outage we can get your site back up and running. If you have chosen to have your site hosted with another provider, we will provide you with any information necessary to assist you in negotiating damages with them.

Activity Monitoring
We will monitor traffic alerts to catch unusual spikes or decreases in activity, determine what has prompted them, and mitigate any potential threats or damage.

Daily Backups
We will make daily backups to protect your site in the event of a crash, hack, or other forms of data loss.

Going Further

Search Engine Compliance
We will perform regular monthly checks of your site to ensure it is visible to search engines and able to be properly indexed.2

On-Demand Training
You will have access to up-to-date training videos in the dashboard of your site to guide you with any questions regarding your site’s operation.

Technical Support
You will receive personal access to our client portal for technical questions or change requests.

Comp Time
We will provide up to 15 minutes of unbilled time each month for site edits and modifications. This time may accumulate month-to-month up to a total of three hours.

Reduced Hourly Rate
You will receive a discount of 30% (or greater) off our regular hourly rate for any services we provide.

Not all websites can take advantage of all benefits. Please contact us for a complete analysis of your site. Features and benefits subject to change.

1 Nobody can guarantee a site will be hack-proof. However, we will make every reasonable effort to keep your site safe from hacks that disrupt your site’s regular operation.
2 Search engine compliance should not be confused with search engine optimization. For information about search engine optimization, please click here.